Restoration & Preservation

By carefully repairing, cleaning, and conserving these artifacts, we maintain a tangible connection to the past, allowing us to learn from the valor of those who served and understand the significance of their contributions. These artifacts, from uniforms to weaponry, become more than relics; they become living testimonies to the profound impact of military history.
FFL Fireare Transfers Certified Glock Armorer
Clean and preserve artifacts to prevent further deterioration, ensuring their longevity.
Specialized techniques to remove rust and corrosion from metal items without causing damage.
Restore the original paintwork on military vehicles, helmets, and equipment.
Repair, clean and restore belts, holsters, and more.
Fix and restore wooden stocks and handles on firearms, swords, and other items.
Reproduce or restore unit markings, patches, and other insignia accurately.
Historical research to verify the authenticity and history of artifacts.
Design and construct custom display mounts and cases for artifacts.
Expert opinion and authentication services for collectors and museums.
Advice on long-term conservation and storage strategies for military collections.

Interested in restoration, preservation techniques, or have something you would like us to take a look at?