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Artifact Donations

Donating to museums plays a pivotal role in preserving and showcasing humanity's cultural heritage. Museums serve as custodians of our shared history, housing invaluable artifacts, and historical documents that encapsulate the essence of diverse civilizations. Contributions from individuals and organizations not only facilitate the conservation of these treasures but also enable museums to expand their collections, ensuring a comprehensive representation of different periods. By supporting museums financially, donors contribute to the safeguarding of our collective memory, providing future generations with the opportunity to connect with their roots, learn from the past, and appreciate the rich tapestry of human experience.

Moreover, donations to museums foster educational initiatives and public engagement. Many museums rely on external funding to develop educational programs, organize exhibitions, and offer outreach activities to schools and communities. These initiatives enhance public understanding of history, science, art, and culture, promoting a sense of cultural literacy and fostering an appreciation for the importance of preserving our heritage. Donors, through their generosity, become instrumental in creating accessible and enriching learning experiences that inspire curiosity and intellectual growth, ensuring that museums continue to serve as vibrant hubs of knowledge and cultural exchange for generations to come.

Ghosts of the Battlefield currently receives no government funding, we rely completely on the public for support.

Donation Wish List

Ghosts of the Battlefield always welcomes opportunities to acquire artwork and artifacts related to the military history of the United States. The examples listed on this page are not meant to be an exclusive list but represent some of the known gaps in the collection that the Museum hopes to fill.

Arms & Armament
  • Any military firearms or related items used by either the United States or one of the principal warring powers of any conflict in which the United States played an active role
  • Military vehicle components
  • Battlefield relics, especially those with a known history
  • Carts, Carriages and mounts for any weapon system
  • Crates
  • Artifacts associated with pilots
  • Flight gear
  • Original official and unofficial unit or deployment patches or plaques
  • Utility uniforms and equipment used by crew chiefs, line mechanics, plane captains, etc. (any era)
  • Field gear and camera equipment utilized by combat cameramen (any era)
  • Radio and other communications equipment
  • Artifacts associated with aviation operations during World War I and World War 2
Uniforms & Heraldry
  • 20th century, early uniforms and/or equipment connected to the United States
  • Any valor medals with association to the United States military
  • Well documented, complete medal collections of the military from all eras
  • Helmets or headgear
  • Combat uniforms and/or complete service and dress uniforms that are well documented
  • Well-documented uniforms and/or combat gear associated with the Korean War
  • Original drawings, sketches, paintings that are directly related to the wartime experiences of Americans
  • Photos taken depicting life in the military
Ghosts of the Battlefield is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.
Donations may be tax deductible. Contact a tax professional for details.