Ghosts of the Battlefield

Explore the legacy of military history, tales of valor, and the preservation of invaluable artifacts that embody the spirit of bravery and sacrifice

Welcome to Ghosts of the Battlefield! We are a small, privately owned museum in Virginia Beach, VA, specializing in preserving the military history of the armed forces of the United States. Our mission is to preserve and present the history and heritage of the United States Military. Ghosts of the Battlefield has been collecting, preserving, and displaying historic military artifacts for over 25 years but was officially established in 2022 as a member-based, charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Ghosts of the Battlefields mission and vision is rooted in a cumulative 200 years of experience in the military history community. One important aspect of this museum is the environment and setting that it creates. In 2012, an extensive study completed by The Museum Group, noted that, “Museums, with their real artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibitions provide a uniquely positive environment to foster learning.” While the study cites children as an example, visiting an environment with a vast collection of stories and artifacts can do well in enriching the minds of any age.

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